Friday, August 25, 2006

Watching for UPS

For Christmas, 2004, my Dear Husband gave me a gift certificate from Michael's Fabrics...oooo, what a sweetie! The following year, Michael donated $10 gift certificates for inclusion in goodie bags for the Sewing World Ladies who met at the Atlanta Sewing Expo (thanks again to Donna S. for putting those together!). So, for over a year, I've had a goodly chunk of fabric represented by those gift certificates sitting in an envelope, waiting for the Right Fabric.

Well, I've had a growing hunch all summer that this fall we will use chocolate brown in choir. I could be wrong, but I'm seeing it so much in so many different ways that I really suspect that it could turn up in the schedule and I'd begun looking through the Internet sources for chocolate brown fabric.

Then, last Friday, I got an email from Sherri, Michael's wife, that they've put all their Zegna woolens on sale for 30% off, and it just so happens that there is a nice lightweight chocolate brown amongst them. Oh, joy...Monday morning I called Sherri and we had a delightful conversation (even though it'd been well over a year since I'd last ordered, she remembered me and asked about my kids. That amazes me) and I ordered four yards...which UPS should be bringing by my door today or Monday.

My plan...a Power Suit, made from The Fashion Sewing Group's 1945 Jacket and 1961 pants. I've made the pants before...there are tweeks I need to make to the pattern, but they've got such a nice slim leg that is quite popular this fall. I'll need to get busy on the jacket pattern, though...I haven't even traced it yet, let alone done any fitting work. But it has gotten such great comments that I think it's time I got it fitted and adjusted.

It's been years since I wore brown much; this is going to be a Whole New Direction for me, fashion-wise. I may even get a new haircut... ;)

But first...the costumes and the pink tweed jacket...I won't *need* the brown until October at the earliest. I hope I'm right, and we wear it for choir, but even if I'm not it'll be fun to actually be sort of current for a change.


  1. Ah yes, stalking the UPS guy, especially when fabric is involved, is a great pasttime!

  2. Well, he didn't stop today; I guess I'll be watching the street on Monday... ;)