Saturday, August 19, 2006

Project Status

An Update on the Big Projects:

1) Stage Drapes... Didn't get as much done on them yesterday as I would've liked but all but three are finished. I still need to put the rod casings on the last three. Shouldn't take too long to finish up.

2) Project Master's Commission...I'm leaving in a few minutes to head to church for our cut-a-thon. I've only been given fabric from about half the students who requested help; I'm hoping to find the rest (or at least some more) waiting on us at church.

But...time for honesty...I've contracted some kind of respiratory bug and consequently I feel...well, nevermind how I feel, the bigger problem is that I have no voice to speak of (hardeeharhar), so it's going to be a very interesting day....

We'll cut, clean up, then I'm going to come home and sleep. At least, that's the plan.

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