Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Post for the Grandmas

Ok, for my mom and mom-in-law, here's the First Day '06 photo:

I just realized I did not sew a stitch of what either one of them are wearing...

They asked me to walk with them to school ('You always do!'), so I did the mile-and-a half round trip, shaking my head over the parking frenzy. There's no bus system to speak of (to qualify to ride the bus in the Rocket City, the child must live more than FIVE MILES from the school or have a physical problem that prohibits walking), so driving the kid to school is the norm for most families. In about two days it'll settle down and be reasonable, but the first day is always crazy.

The two older children, being high school graduates whose fall educational regimes have not yet begun, are, of course, still in bed.

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  1. How cute! Mine have been BTS for a week now, both in high school. Older DS drives or younger DS would be stuck on the bus, because we're more than 15 miles from the high school. But a 5-mile limit ... wow! That's a lot for today's times. Our limit is 2 miles here, which only started a couple of years ago because the population growth has outpaced the school bus budget. Needless to say, one does not drive anywhere near a school at drop off/pick up times. The roads clog up for miles (or so it seems).