Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pink Jacket Decision

Once it's cut, it's decided, right?

I put on my SWAP jacket last night and folded the front back along a line from the shoulder seam to just above the second button up from the bottom...and, yes, it was a deep V but it looked pretty good. So I measured from the bottom of the jacket to the bottom of the V...8". I traced off a copy of the front and the front facing, drew a line from the neckline/shoulder seam join and the point on the front seam 8" up from the hemline, added a seam allowance, and cut out my new pattern. It took, maybe, 10 minutes, including dragging all the boards and stuff out. Here's a comparison of the original and the new pattern pieces:

So I cut out the jacket fabric and the interfacing last night; I'd've cut the lining, too, but I discovered that something (Tide?) had spilled on it in during it's sojourn in the laundry/sewing room waiting to be cut. So it had to make another trip through the washer before I could cut it out. Maybe tonight.

Meantime, I'll just keep chugging away on the costumes...


  1. Well, now that I've started my own blog, I can appreciate all the nice editing and posting that you've done. Hope you're feeling better and that this jacket comes together without a hitch!

  2. Thanks, MB! It's still not quite where I want it...I've got more links to add, someday.

    Blogger's been a bit buggy lately, though, as I'm sure you've noticed. I have to hit 'refresh' every time I look at a blogger blog to make sure I'm looking at the most recent entry.

    And my nice fluer-de-lis background has disappeared; wonder where it went?

    I found your blog this morning and was so proud of myself! One of these days I'll take a day trip up into Tennesee and see The Stitchery... ;)

    (started a z-pak today; hopefully that will get me back to normal..whatever that is).