Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pattern Accumulation

I had a revelation over the weekend about my pattern-buying...I thought I'd been fairly restrained this year, but when I was reviewing my pattern catalog at Pattern Reveiw looking for a two-button jacket pattern I discovered I have purchased (not counting costume or kid's patterns, which I don't add to the catalog) 39 patterns so far this year. Of those 39 patterns, I have actually made a garment from 4 of them.

Most of those have been purchased during Hancock's sales, but there are a few indies that I purchased at the Sewing Expo or over the 'net. There is no way I will make all of them...what am I thinking? I'm working on the fabric far this year, I've purchased 23.625 yards more than I've sewn, but I'm still within reach of parity for the year.

I need to exercise the same sort of restraint on pattern-buying, it seems. The trouble is that the Big 4 discontinue patterns at a rather capricious rate...remember the original Simplicity Twist Top, that was discontinued just about the time the sewing community discovered what a little gem it was? It took about 2 years for Simplicity to re-issue the top in another pattern... and I snagged it up (it's actually one of the Four). But now I'm afraid to pass up a great-looking pattern on might not be there next time.

But buying stuff that I'll likely not get around to making doesn't make good sense either.

I guess I'm just going to need to give myself a little more stringent guidelines on pattern purchasing... chief among them, 'will this get made in the next 3 months?'

'Cause if it won't, there's really not much point in getting it. When the season comes 'round again, there will be New Stuff...

And if I restrain myself now, I can get it then...right? ;)


  1. I can sooo relate! I buy patterns for the details and then usually end up needing clothes in such a hurry that details are left off. I'm usually lucky if I can take time to make fitting alternations. sigh. I need austerity!

  2. I am not ready to hear this! LOL! I have 15 bulging pattern boxes and am in need of quite a few more. My weakness is picking up uncut patterns at our local thrift store for a DIME each. How can I turn that down????

  3. 'kindred spirits'! I have just discovered your blog, and whaddya know - I do the same thing (re buying patterns). I think I'm addicted... I'm sure I would make more of them up if it wasn't for the pain of cutting out the tissue. I actually get a lot of pleasure out of just looking at the patterns and daydreaming...