Monday, August 07, 2006

Call it four hours

Older DD will be going into her third year in Huntsville Master's Commission in just a few weeks, and this year the program directors have decided to require the students to each bring their own Bible costumes...much like the flagship program in Phoenix. I expect that the church sewing ladies will be having a couple of sewing days related to helping out some of the other students who neither sew nor have a sewing relative, but I thought I'd go ahead and do DD's costume, just to make it one less to do later.

I know I started clearing the table to cut out McCall's 2339 last night after she left for a 'going away' it about 6:15...and I finished the robe to the hems for her to try on a little before she came home at 10:35. That included adding pockets to the side seams, and I worked a bit on a braided headband for her in that time frame, too. After she got home, she tried it on and said the lengths were fine...but since I'd serged the edges in white thread (on a beigey fabric) I turned the serging under and zig-zagged it down. Took about 15 minutes.

So...a bible robe with a hammered-on snap fastening and pockets: from cutting to hanging...about four hours.

I've still got to finishe the edges on the tie and head wraps; I'll get a picture of it all on her sometime this week.

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