Saturday, August 26, 2006

Big Project Status

(I gotta figure out a better name for this!)

Stage Drapes: Done and Delivered!

Bible Costumes for Huntsville Master's Commission:
All fabric that has been given to me has been cut into costumes; I have 5 that are completely finished, two more that are about 1/3 done and about 10 cut and ready to go, after cutting again today. I had to order some fabric for specialty costumes; it should be here in a week or so but we're not going to cut again until after the women's conference, which is the weekend after Labor Day. That will be the last chance for the students who haven't given me fabric yet (about 8) to get their fabric to me, or they'll be on their own....

The costumes have several pieces: The girls' costumes have a robe, a sash, two head drapes and some form of headband to hold the drapes on. The guys' costumes have a robe, a vest/cloak, a sash, a head drape and some form of headband. I'm not even trying to keep track of the head drapes/sashes/headbands...but for every robe and vest, there are other pieces as well. It takes 4 -5 hours to make a costume from start to finish...I'm going to be busy on these for a while.


  1. Proud? Well, maybe proud isn't exactly the word...
    but, like the engines on Sir Topham Hat's railway, it *is* nice to be considered 'very useful'... ;) :P