Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm Curious

What would YOU do?

DH has told me that I need to get my three days of sewing on the schedule that it gets on it at all. I think I'm going to have to allot a Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the project, as those are days where staying home *is* possible. But, I don't have a free Saturday for at least three weeks, so it's going to be next month sometime. But he's right; if I don't get to it before the end of September it's not going to happen until after Scrooge. So, while I'm trying to settle on a date, I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my three days.

Test out the PMB muslins?
Make the Fashion Sewing Group Jacket for the first time and get it fitted, so I can play with it according to all the neat suggestions Nancy gives in her newsletter and book?
Clear out the UFO's?
Go on a dress binge?
Pull out three or four of the 'fun' patterns in my inbox and make things that I've bought fabric for but not been able to get around to?
Do muslins on my new Hot Patterns?

too many choices...

Oh, I'll do what I really want to do the most when the time rolls around (and I bet it isn't clearing the UFO's...), but I'm curious...if YOU had three days you could dedicate totally and completely to sewing, what would YOU do?


  1. I'm facing this right now. My DH and son are off on a river float trip for about 3 days. Since I had recently cleaned out most of my UFOs, I chose to do a cutting binge while watching movies I knew would not interest them. What have you decided?

  2. Still haven't decided anything...I imagine it will depend on how much advance prep I can would be cool to have several things cut and ready to go. But it's still not on the schedule yet...