Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player: Don Potter/Morningstar Worship, Vision

On the Bookstand:Finished The Nine Tailors this week; still plugging away atWoman, You're a Kingmaker; Drawing Near; Fight Like a Girl and The End of the Third Age. Maybe I should just list those on the sidebar... ;)

Projects completed this week: Hm, let's see...two swimsuits, a tablecloth and a set of waterbed sheets. I also cleared the jeans-mending pile while I had blue thread on the machines.

On the Sewing Table: Yesterday was a Cut-a-Thon; I was hoping to get 10 yards cut out, but I hit a couple of snags and only managed to get 9 3/8...and I still have to cut out the interfacing for three shirts today. I didn't think about what I *needed* next, just started cutting with an aim to 1) finish out some remnants and 2) cut stuff I need in the near future. So, here's the list of what I cut:
-a Jalie 2005 short sleeve T; from the leftovers of blue stripe knit that I used for the twist top
- Gauchos for DD2, from the leftover doubleknit I used for my gauchos
- Kwik Sew's mock-turtle twinset, from pink cotton/lycra doubleknit
- Loes Hinse's Oxford Pants, from khaki Tencel Twill (the last khaki thing! Yeah!)
- Jalie 2111 Men's short sleeve shirt, from the lavendar/white cotton mini-check I got from Timmel as part of the SWAP prize
- Cutting Line Designs TownANDCountry Camp shirt, also from the lavendar/white check
- Kwik Sew 3168 Kid's Camp Shirt, also for DD2 and also from the lavendar/white check (and I've got 3/4 yd left)

I've got a couple more things I want to cut before I leave Cutting Mode; hopefully I can get them done today. Then I should be set for sewing for a while!

fitness program progress: (Hangs head in shame) I've lost my momentum and acquired a severe backache...dunno what from, which is aggravating. My goal right now is to just maintain until after vacation (about 2 weeks), then start again. At least the scales have ceased their upward creep, which is a Good Thing.

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