Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Percent Inspiration

Older DD and I had a very interesting day yesterday after we left her younger siblings in care of their grandparents. The jaunt up from the designated meeting place to the VF/Lee outlet was a Good Thing; we each got some necessary lingerie, and I found two pairs of shoes at the Easy Spirit outlet in the same building (BTW, someday I want to take a picture of this location; it cracks me up every time I pull into the road that goes back to the outlet center because, at the intersection of that road with the street, there are traffic signs that say 'No Outlet', while the building that houses the outlets and all the corresponding signage is easily visible behind them. Just one of those things that makes me chuckle).

On the way back south, we stopped for a bit of a break at Cool Springs Mall in Franklin, TN. and DD found this skirt. It was reduced 40%, and, considering the amount of fabric and bother that went into it, and the fact that it was perfect for her, and finally admitting that I just wanted to study it, I got it for her. It is interesting in several ways; first, the tiers are all cut on the bias, which sort of surprised me. But I guess that would do away with the need to finish off the edges, even if it did require more fabric. Secondly, the ribbons that are at the bottom of some of the tiers are not appliqued on, as I expected, but they're actually inserted. That is, the upper tier is sewn to the top edge of the ribbon in a lap seam, and the lower tier is gathered, then sewn to the bottom of the ribbon in a lap seam.

I dunno if I will find enough remnant/scrap fabric, lace and ribbon to make a similar skirt for either me or younger DD, but I think I'd like to try....

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