Friday, May 12, 2006

Will the Real Khaki Please Stand Up

The rules are changing. Unfortunately, someone asked a wardrobe question at choir, and the answer knocked half my planned summer wardrobe out the window. Because the question 'Can we wear outfits of the color-of-the-month, or does it have to be the base color on the bottom and the current color on the top?' was asked, we've now been told to wear base on the bottom and contrast on the top. Dunno how that ruling would affect the wearing of dresses.

And color chips of the khaki we're to wear went 'round last night, too...and it's darker than my silk twill skirt. The cotton/lycra twill I also got at Atlanta is the right color, but it's still in yardage form and there's NO time between now and Sunday to sew it into anything; I'll just have to wear the lighter color and hope that standing in the back row will camoflage it enough until I have time to get the other stuff made up.

It looks like we're slowly headed towards 'matching' instead of just 'coordinating' in our wardrobing. I hope that doesn't happen because the only time I dress up is for church; if we go to choir 'uniforms' I will only need dressy clothes for the occasional wedding, funeral, or date w/ DH.

And that would make me sad.


  1. Hi Lisa, I hope you can politely say exactly that in choir about the "uniforms" ... that you *like* to dress up for church and it's the only opportunity you have. Sometimes people suggest things without realizing how much a "small" change will adversely affect others and are happy to back down when it has been pointed out. Have a good weekend and Mother's Day!

  2. I might, if I get the chance. But I'm also aware that there are folks in choir (who have jobs and careers and the clothes that go with them) that have said out loud that they'd prefer we DID wear uniforms, so there wouldn't be so much confusion over the 'is this khaki or isn't it?' kinds of questions.

    The thing is, I know the heart of our directors is to be excellent and to look excellent and the problem is the TV taping...some colors don't work because they look weird on camera (hence the pickiness about shades of color). And I know that what someone calls 'pink' someone else would call 'mauve' and so we get a kind of mottled look. Personally, I don't think that looks bad, but I'm a sanguine who just wants to blend and not a melancholy who would look at the one person with a slightly odd color and wonder what the problem was there. (It just so happens that one of our directors is a melancholy...)

    I suppose I *could* take a change of clothes and change after the choir's finished, if it REALLY bugged me. ;)

  3. ....and I'm the "powerful choleric" who would organize everybody into color groups with them wearing whatever and instruct the directors to relax and go with it because it's about the music, not the clothes. ;>)