Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday Snapshot

In the CD Player:John Bolt, The Portals of Heaven: The Soaking Presence, Vol. II

On the Bookstand:Ok, so I did some recreational reading this week: H.Beam Piper's Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy Sapiens and William Tuning's follow on, Fuzzy Bones.

On the Sewing Table: The stretch poly shell is still there, along with some things I cut out this week: a Loes Hinse twinset from a pink poly/nylon knit jacquard, Simplicity 4237 gauchos from a dark khaki RPL doubleknit that arrived in the mail yesterday from FFC (more on that later), La Fred's Daphne Pants, a Burda WOF skirt and Simplicity 5540 capris for DD, all from the dark khaki cotton/lycra sateen I got from Vogue Fabrics at the Atlanta Expo. All in all, it's 8 3/4 yards cut and ready to sew...or at least, will be sewn once I run down to Hancock's and get some thread, zippers and button (Thought I had some...y'know?). My 'Fabric In' column has grown exponentially in the last couple of weeks...ah, I had fabric parity once... but I do need clothes from about 85% of what I purchased before the summer is over. So we'll see if I can get it all sewn up.

And I haven't even checked the fabric purchase that also arrived yesterday, via UPS...two large chunks of extra-wide fabric to make waterbed sheets. The last four or five sets we've purchased have been so awful that I finally decided that I just need to try making my own. I'll let you know how that goes.

Just a little commentary on the Fashion Fabrics order...I got three woven pieces and three knit pieces and they are all wonderful, and at good prices (and that was even without the current Big Sale pricing). It had been quite a while since I'd last ordered from them, and they have improved their shipping time and notification system. In addition to the afore-mentioned khaki knit, I got some tan Tencel twill, some sage green handkerchief linen, some pink/multi poly/rayon/linen blend boucle, some lavendar poly/rayon doubleknit (this is the same fabric as the khaki knit that I cut the gauchos from, which is now sold out. It's not listed as having any lycra in the blend, but the recovery is so nice that I just have to think there's some there). Finally, I got some Pink cotton/lycra interlock, which was the only fabric for which I did not have a swatch. It's a little lighter in color than what showed up on the monitor, but it's an excellent t-shirt/twin set weight and has a great hand, so I'm glad I got it.

And every bit of that is needed this summer...gotta get on it! ;)

Projects completed this week: I got 12 out of the 20 requested altar blankets cut and serged and ready to go; I'll finish the other 8 next week.

Body-For-Life progress: I'm pleading the 5th this week. Grad-related business, leftover cake, mints and nuts around all, can you say 'regressive'? ;) Time to hit it hard again...

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