Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Impromptu Speaker

Monday night was DS's Baccalaureate service. About 3 weeks ago, the senior class sponsor asked him if he wanted to speak briefly, as he just happens to be first in his class. Surprised, he asked if he didn't have to, since his sister had been required to speak (she was Salutatorian of her class) two years ago. Ms. Sponsor shook her head and said, no, if he didn't want to, he didn't have to...she had some class officers who were going to make remarks. He grinned and said, "If I don't have to, then I won't!"

Well, his mother was less than pleased. I would expect the Valedictorian to address his fellow graduates at both Baccalaureate and Graduation...but he was tickled to get out of it.

Monday, while at school picking up his cap and gown, Ms Sponsor asked him again if he was speaking, and he reminded her that he wasn't. When I picked him up, he commented, "I sure hope she remembered that I'm not going to speak when she turned in the program to the printers." Well, Dear Son, perhaps you'd better have something prepared, just in case? "Nah. I'm not gonna have to do it."

Well, you guessed it...when we got there, his name was on the program. He had about 10 minutes to formulate his 'Reflections Remarks'. I don't think it was coincidental that he ended up speaking about the value of prayer... ;)

(Of all the photos we took that night, the one of him giving his remarks was the only one that came out grainy. Figures) Actually, Ms Sponsor was not responsible; when the program was printed, someone called and asked for the name of the Valedictorian. She told them, thinking that it would only be listed. That unknown party was the one who put him in the program.

I'm about to get overwhelmed by what's left to do between now and company coming in tomorrow, Graduation on Friday and Open House on Saturday...I've asked the blog editor for a little time off, and that seemed like a good idea. There's going to be no sewing happening anyway, so I'll catch up Monday. ;)


  1. Lisa, you must be so proud of your DS!

  2. :D
    Yeah, he's a good kid...even if he does rag me about my wardrobe. ;) (I've been known to likewise rag him for his baggy pants)

    He did a great job on his Valedictory Address, too. My only real complaint is that the school collected the robes so quickly that we did not get a chance to get a photo with him in cap and gown with his diploma.

    If I remember right, we should get proofs from the Official Photographer in about a week so we can purchase same... :rolleyes: