Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now I get a Goodie

One of the incentives Julie offers to folks who embark on the SWAP challenge is a free pattern to everyone who completes a SWAP collection and sends in photos and a little written description of the process by the deadline. I'd actually forgotten about that until this morning; now I get to pick a pattern. Julie carries Jalie patterns, Loes Hinse Patterns, Louise Cutting patterns, La Fred's patterns...among others. Right now, I'm sort of leaning towards Jalie's Jeans Jacket, but I'm also considering Loes' Princess Tank and La Fred's Maia Jacket. I don't have to make up my mind for a while yet...Julie's swamped this week with incoming photos so there's certainly no rush. But it's nice to get a little reward for finishing (Thanks, Julie!)

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