Thursday, March 16, 2006

On the Sewing Table my linen shell, from the cream linen I purchased from Julie for SWAP. I've also got a Santa Monica T cut out, in a sagey green, because that's this month's choir color and I can crank it out pretty fast. Besides, I wanted to try a different seam method on it to see if I can get the neckline to be a little less lumpy. But it dropped my stash...for some reason I had listed that I had 4 5/8 yds of that sage knit; turns out I only had 1 5/8 yds. Musta been a typo ;). That reduces the total stash yardage that I started the year with, no?

The linen shell is going to be very nice, I think. I cut it double layer, since the linen is pretty transparent, and I played around with some lace I'd picked up on a serious discount (marked down from $12/yd to 50 cents/yd) at Hancock's earlier this year. I preshrank the lace on Tuesday (poured Very Hot water over it, let it sit until it cooled and then ironed it), so if I can catch a few minutes today I should have some finished products by the weekend.

I gotta get crackin' on those last three SWAP tops...the deadline is April 8 and it's coming quickly...and two of them still are not cut out yet.

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  1. Oh, I am so out of the real sewing loop.... I have been reading and it just hit me. I have no clue! I need to take lots of classes and go to seminars and .......oh so much more. I am so overwhelmed! Oh boy lots of work to do...