Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Waiting for Tomorrow

I really intended to get my InTHETrenches set cut out yesterday...but I ended up spending most of the day ironing (it was really behind). Then, last night when I stopped by Pattern Review, I found that a new contest, Pattern Stash Reduction starts tomorrow. If I wait till tomorrow to cut it out, I can count it towards that contest.

Not that I have any chance of winning; there are ladies who that have given Scrooge-costuming-like dedication to the current Fabric Stash Reduction Contest. Last time I checked the contest report for that, the person in first place had sewn something like 73 items since Jan 1. I've sewn, um, six. I'm only doing Scrooge-type sewing production when absolutely unavoidable, so I do not expect to be at the top of this one, either. But it is fun to participate and log my progress into the Contest Report.

So I'll cut out ITT tomorrow; I'll still have a week to get it put together... ;)
Maybe I'll work on those muslins today.


  1. If wadders count, I've made 2 things since the start of the year. If they don't, then I've only made 1.

  2. I'd say wadders count...it's time and fabric expended.

    And hopefully something learned ;)

    Actually, further checking revealed that I made 7 garments in Jan-Feb. Considering that two of those were lined jackets, I don't think that's too shabby.