Monday, February 27, 2006

SWAP Musings

Someone on Sewing World commented that my SWAP group for this year is very different from last year's SWAP group and asked which one I liked better.

There's no question which one 17 YO DS prefers; there's been no eye-rolling or negative comments about this year's combo!

They really are pretty different; last year's was funky, quirky and bold in color; this year's is subdued and classic. They'll fill different niches in the wardrobe...I mean, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. There are a few things from last year that I love and wear whenever I get the chance...the green Retro jacket, the embroidered linen pieces...but I haven't worn the print pieces very much, partly because the skirt has gotten too snug (and that ain't the skirt's fault), but also because, after doing two SWAP sets according to the recommendations from Stitches magazine, I decided that I don't care for wearing a top and skirt made from the same print. On me, anyway, it tends to look sort of frumpy. Julie Culshaw (Timmel Fabrics) has allowed SWAP participants to vary from the recommendations a bit; we're only required to use one print item...and the 'print' can be anything that uses multiple colors, such as a stripe, a plaid or a tweed. So the tweed jacket counts as the 'print' for this year and works beautifully to tie all the solid top and bottom pieces together.

Also, this year's SWAP is a little more real-world for me; I love the slinky pieces from last year but really haven't had much opportunity to wear them. I don't think I've even worn the pants yet; they're great and comfy, but there's just not that many occasions in my life to which I feel comfortable wearing slinky pants. Entertaining at home, perhaps, but since we moved last year (and there are still boxes and clutter about), we haven't done much of that. Hopefully that will change soon!

But, I can wear the black and the blue stuff from last year with this this year's pieces, and I can wear the black pieces from this year with last year's SWAP, so it's still all good!

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