Monday, February 13, 2006

SWAP Discipline

I knew making two jackets over the couse of the SWAP...the test and then the SWAP coordinate...would be challenging, but I was thinking about the time involved.

I didn't consider the fact that my attention span apparently doesn't like making the same pattern back-to-back, although I have plenty of evidence (namely, the baptismal robes that are still not even pulled out of the ziplok bags)around as a warning. I'm making fairly good progress on the jacket; I have the welt pockets completed to the hand stitching, brain is continually trying to get me to run and start some new quick thing.

One project is the KS twist top. I really liked the Twist Top that Simplicity published a couple of years ago, but didn't manage to get one before it went out of print. The Burda WOF twist wasn't too bad, but I don't get WOF and, to be truthful, it looked like there was quite a bit of bunched fabric under the bust in that style. I did get the KS pattern, but it looked different. When Deepika posted the Top Ten Patterns of 2005 article, I saw the KS top and the Burda top on the same page and realized what the difference is: The Burda twist is vertical, while the KS twist is more horizontal. Consequently, the KS top is kind of flat on the bottom of the V, and the wider neckline looks a lot more, um, revealing. So I've been mentaly rotating the seam from the CF of the KS top to the side, so that I can make a vertical twist. I'm dying to try it and see if I can make it work...

But No!! That's not part of the SWAP! Must...finish...jacket.... Must...finish...SWAP....

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