Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Gee, just when you think everything is settling down...I intended to write about the SWAP jacket, but right now my brain is full of parenting angst...

Youngest DD handed me her weekly-take-home-information folder on her way out the door this morning. "I did something bad and I'm sorry". I flipped open the folder and saw only a field trip permission form, not due for a few more days, and thought she was apologizing for not giving it to me last night (actually, I should've seen it Friday). She was running late and I just took it and said I'd sign it while she was at school.

Well, buried in the general info was a report that she had 1) not done her homework 2) not gotten a bad grade signed and 3) signed my name on her midterm report showing her bad grades. She has 1/2 hour detention this afternoon.


Somehow, the bottom has fallen out of her schoolwork this semester. I don't know what's going on; we need to find out.

!!!! again....


  1. Bummer!

    I'm a big fan of family therapy. It makes communication better and easier.

  2. Well, we're not quite at that point yet ;)

    I've had a talk with her teacher and we're going in for a conference Friday morning. After reflection, this really is consistent with some other things that have happened; when she feels overwhelmed she basically just curls up and shuts down and her teacher and I both think that's what has happened. Her grades are still very good on the work she is doing; for some reason these more involved projets are throwing her into denial mode. We just need to give her some tools and strategies so she doesn't feel so incompetent.