Friday, February 10, 2006

Beat the Game

Had our teacher conference with DD this morning; in the course of our discussion I came up with an analogy for schoolwork for the kids...beating the game. Whether it's Game Boy or Game Cube or whatever, the object is to 'beat the game'...complete all the assignments and get to the finish. Some of the challenges are not so fun, and there are some that you just have to keep repeating in different places. They grumble, but they work through it so they can 'beat the game.'

So we've told the kids (younger DS, who also has faltered a bit in his schoolwork, is home sick today and got the revelation as well) to 'beat the game' in their schoolwork...complete the assignments; even the ones that aren't so much fun, or are a repeat of what they've done before. Sounds good to me...but only time will tell if the kids will rise to that challenge or not.

But it occurred to me that I have several areas of my life in which I need to 'beat the game' as well. 7 months after moving, we still have chaos and boxes in more places than I'd care to admit. I need to get focused and beat that game...

The Baptismal robes are still in the tote bag I brought them home in, two weeks ago. I need to beat that game...

And the healthy eating/exercising game...well, I need to get that one plugged into the system ;)

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