Monday, January 09, 2006

Looking for Cutting Time

It almost seems to me that when I get a garment fully cut out, it's half finished. It seems to be such a trial to get a good chunk of time to cut, since I have to use our dining table to do it on, I either need to start soon enough to be done by mealtime or wait until after we've eaten. Cutting is not a 'do a little here and there' sort of job...ya gotta take over the space and you can't quit till you're done. So sometimes just waiting for cutting time holds up the whole sewing queue. Like now....

I've got three patterns ready to cut out...the skirt and jacket for the black plaid, and the Hot Patterns Cadeau top, which I'm going to make from very stretchy, very transparent, very pill-prone cream knit from the dollar a yard at Wal Mart, just to check the fit. I've noticed several tops in the last few days with ties at the bottom, much like the Cadeau, so that will be kinda fun to try out. I decided to cut a six through the shoulders and a ten at the hips; we'll see how that fits in the 'muslin' fabric before I try it in the black/white rayon/lycra stripe.

But I can't seem to get the stuff to the table to start cutting. I've got a major dental appointment this morning. Maybe tonight after dinner....

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