Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Almost started...

Spent last night cutting out the fashion fabric for the skirt and test jacket from the black/grey/white/pink plaid. I tried to scan in a fabric swatch, but the scanner has just sat for 20 minutes, blinking at me, with 'starting scan' in the little status window and I gave up. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I cut the lining out Monday evening, so all I have left is the interfacing. But, as it's a boucle weave so I think I will use the fusible as an underlining on both the jacket and the skirt...on the jacket for support, and on the skirt for stability. So I've basically got to cut the whole thing out one more time.

It was quite a challenge to cut out, as it's an uneven plaid and that's not something I have a great deal of experience working with. Actually, if the truth be told, I usually avoid uneven plaids whenever possible. Sandra Betzina included 'plaid placement lines' on the pattern, though, which helped tremendously in lining things up on the horizontal lines. I don't know if what I did will work for the vertical lines...or if anything will really work for those vertical lines...or not. I barely had enough fabric; in fact, I had to shorten the skirt flounce by 3" to get it all on the fabric. I don't think I'll mind that too much, though...the flounce looked a little overly long in the envelope photos anyway.

But today is another 'outside the house' day, so likely the continuation of the project will have to wait a little longer. Once I can start sewing, though, I think it will go pretty quickly.

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