Saturday, December 31, 2005

Less than 10 yards...

Not quite Fabric Parity, but it'll do. I'm not going to sew today, so the 2005 totals will stand at 112.25 yards out and 121.5 yards in. I really wanted to get to within 10 yards, so I made 2 pairs of lounge pants from the Burda One Seam pattern from flannel and one from black sweat shirt fleece. I'd been intending to make them for ages and ages but other, more glamourous projects kept getting in the way. So I wasn't just trying to 'make something quick'...I was trying to 'make something quick that I actually need'.
For comparison, in 2004 I purchased 110.5 yards but only sewed 78.5, so I've improved considerably. My goal for 2006...actually sew more than I purchase. Wow, what a concept...

BTW, Happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2006 to everyone!

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