Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Ink Wasn't Dry...

We finished Belle 10's dress at about 4:30 yesterday...a whole 2 1/2 hours before curtain. Miss A and I did a tag-team sewing frenzy; I'd put together one component while she did another; I'd put the two components together while she started the next, etc. Frantic but it worked. Belle 10 came in for her final fitting at about 1:30; I fit it on her w/o sleeves first, to make sure we didn't have tight sleeve issues like we did w/Belle 16, then put the sleeves on it and put it on her again. When she left at about 3:00 I started sewing on the hooks and eyes...and I dug a small hole in my finger w/the eye of the needle (have I mentioned anywhere that we are using some unnamed mystery lining fabric that seems to actively repel being punctured? We've had lots of fun sewing this stuff...but it'll be good and durable, you bet!). But she was ready to go on on time and the dress looked fabulous on her. And, while I was finishing up the hooks and eyes, Miss A made a goodly portion of the bertha for MY dress, which I still haven't worn on stage. Maybe today.

Wouldn't you know, while we remembered to take the digi cam, the batteries were dead and I still haven't got good photos of the finished product. We have two performances today...Belle 16 is in the matinee and Belle 10 is doing the evening show, so I WILL get photos of both girls. I did update my reviews of the Angel 2 robe and the Victorian Gentleman's jacket to include photos of the garments on the actual people, taken opening night; you can click on the 'My Reviews' link to find 'em.

BTW, today also happens to be older DD's 20th birthday. I don't think I'm any less tired today than I was 20 years ago.

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