Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Do You Not See What I Don't See?

Back to church around 6:30 PM for the second costume work session yesterday; Miss M. and I had 'sort and organize' on the agenda. We'd just been there that afternoon and pulled 'action items' from the racks so we'd have all the costumes that need fixing, embellishing or altering in the sewing room and now we were going to get 'assigned' costumes separated out from the 'unassigned' costumes in an attempt to get some more rack space available. We walked around the sanctuary to the back hallway where the costumes were in temporary storage, walked through the black curtain that separated the end of the hallway from the restroom area ('What a great idea that curtain is!' we'd commented to one another that afternoon) and beheld an empty hallway. About 4 hours after leaving it full of costumes. We found them in just a few minutes; they'd been moved into the loading dock area at the end of the hallway (once upon a time, our church building was a Service Merchandise and we have a loading dock). That's also the set buiding area...not the best place in the world to store costumes. We pulled them back into the hallway, contemplated leaving them there but thought better of it. We did the sort and organize thing, put what we were fairly certain we wouldn't need up in the attic storage and then pulled everything else back around to the sewing room (which is on the other end of the building). Unfortunately, the sewing room is actually a room-shaped hallway, so it gets a lot of traffic. I guess everyone will get used to walking around them! At least the gremlin will have to work harder to hide them from there; there's no handy stashing spot.

I did take some photos and I've decided to leave them posted on photoworks for now. I like the 'view photos larger' option that's there, even though it is kind of a pain in the patootie to click through the album. The dresses are 'before' shots; I'll take new photos after they're Dickensed up.

Scrooge photos, part 1

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