Friday, November 18, 2005

Band Aid Time

I have a poster I got from Nancy's Notions somewhere in the neigborhood of 10 years ago featuring the 'Sew A Holic' - Y'know, one of those ditzy things with labels. Now, the hat wrapped w/my favorite fabric and the skirt with the button motif will probably never appear on my body, but the rest of the poster...sigh. One thing that was labeled was the Band Aid on the finger. Always. I just ditched one day before yesterday, then yesterday...

Fitting a jacket on one of the guys in the cast, I had the shoulder pads pinned in. Somehow in tugging on the jacket to get it to hang right (it's not lined yet and was hanging up in places) I snagged my pinkie finger on one of those pins. Ripped her good. The guy I was fitting (who actually sews a bit himself and is going to do all the finish handwork on his jacket for me, bless him) heard the pin catch and tried to lean with the motion so I wouldn't stab it too badly, but the damage was already done. Ouch. Since it was a rip and not just a stick, it bled like nobody's business. So much for working on the Angel 2 dress, which I'd been doing before he came back to be fitted. I left it on the sewing machine, needle down, which is something I HATE doing.

I had one bandaid left in my purse; once the bleeding slowed I used it but it was time to go to rehearsal. Gotta remember to restock before I head out again today...

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